Text Marketing

Now that so many customers are on their mobile phones nearly all of their waking time, adding text messaging to online marketing may be a pretty decent option for your campaign.

One of the coolest features of online marketing is that you are going to be reaching your customers in a way that keeps you out of the already full email inboxes that seem to be commonplace these days. Your subscribers can opt-in to receive text message alerts from you for a variety of different things, such as:

  • Mobile coupons – ok coupons are HUGE in a lot of different industries. People love to think that they are getting a deal, and if you sell anything on your sites, such as e-books or anything else really, you can have your subscribers set up to get mobile coupons sent to them via SMS, that they can then use on your site. It could increase your sales and your brand loyalty among customers.

  • Webinar reminders – if you have webinars, or other regularly scheduled online events, sending text message reminders can be a great way to increase your attendance. Take a look at the average business person’s calendar and inbox, and it can be easy to see how email reminders can go unnoticed. By sending them a text message and meeting them where they are (on the phone, like everyone else) then you’ll be much more likely to have them attend your event.
  • Product releases – If you release products or e-books often, or even not-so-often, having your customer base receive information about your products via text message, especially if it includes a quick link to buy and/or a coupon, then your customers will be much more likely to buy.
  • Meetups – its always fun to meet up with a like-minded online audience for conferences and symposiums. If you decide to host one yourself, sending text message reminders leading up to the event is a great way to get everyone involved.
  • Tip and hints – so, if you are in the online marketing, or any other niche that involves teaching online strategies, it is great to send short tips, hints, and strategies to your reader base via text messaging. Again, people in this niche usually have a very full inbox, with 20 plus emails coming in every day from various sources. Sending your hints directly to their phone will ensure that they are probably being read at a much higher rate than those going into an inbox with a thousand other ‘this ONE trick can earn you thousands!’ emails.

However, if you do decide to go the route of text message communications with your subscribers, please do not abuse it. This is a great tool that can earn everyone a loyal readership and some great customers, but if you start spamming messages at a constant rate, you’ll see the tool fail for you.

Try to keep the messaging to a minimum and only send out important information. Don’t send info every day, and definitely don’t send it multiple times a day. Once a week to once every other week is pretty prime for texts.

Obviously, if you are hosting a big event, it is more acceptable to send a daily reminder for say, the three days leading up to it. Especially if you are including important information such as speakers and daily schedules.

Text message marketing really is a great tool to keep in your bag of tricks for online marketing. The smartphone has definitely increased the amount of time that people spend on their phone, and including links to special pages, coupons, and other exclusive things in your text message marketing can really make your subscribers excited to see your message.