Mobile and social online marketing is ageless

If you are like most people you probably associate mobile devices and social media with the ‘youngish’ generation.  When I ask my grandma the last time she looked at my Facebook page for pictures, she said “Oh, just about an hour ago.”.  She is in her 80’s. She may not be mobile and social on all platforms, but she is active on Facebook and knows how to use her Iphone 6. Maybe I’ll get her an Applewatch for Christmas.

So, what how does that relate to business and marketing?  It means if you haven’t already embraced the mobile world for your marketing campaigns – you are behind the times.

Make sure you are considering all age groups as you start to plan your end of year campaigns for 2015 and new 2016 campaigns. Most businesses lean toward flashing and trendy when it comes to websites and mobile marketing. With half of the over 65 age group is using social media daily focusing on something that spans all age groups really would be a better approach.

Lastly, when it comes to mobile. Your websites need to be mobile. If the statistics do not convince you Google’s new “Mobilegeddon” should nudge you in that direction.

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