An Example of Content Needed for Window Niche

No matter what kind business you are marketing and whether it is mobile or not, content is king.  You need to have at least 1000 words on your homepage and all other pages should have at least 500 words that are keyword rich but not spammy. You are going to want at least 20 or 30 pages on your website.  That is a lot of content.  Here is an example of something we helped a client write for their Window Replacement Company in Bethesda –

You can use this as a guideline for an article you may write for your own site

It’s that time of year again, winter is here and now is the test to see how well your windows are holding up in the cold temperatures. It’s important to determine if your windows are in need of replacement, doing so can reduce energy costs and keep them from breaking.

If your home is older than 15 years and the same goes for your windows, it’s time to take a closer look at them to see if it’s time to update them. Older homes used a single pane glass that is not very energy efficient, can often freeze in the colder weather, and moisture can leak through and cause mold and mildew in between the walls.

If you notice cold air coming through the windows, then know that the cozy heat you are pumping through your home is getting pushed outside through the cracks, jacking up your heating bill. Single pane glass is also difficult to maintain for cleaning, especially for the higher levels in your home. Replacing older windows can help you save money on your electric bills and reduce the risk of mold growing from outside leakage. No one wants to look at damaged and cracking windows and trim, it devalues your home.

Replacing your old single pane windows with newer double pane windows is an investment that will save you time and money. Double pane windows can now come with special glass which blocks out ultraviolet rays, which will prevent furniture and window treatments from fading from the harsh sun.

Newer windows will improve the look and value of your home when newer windows are replaced with more modern, energy-efficient ones, the trim around the windows are also replaced leaving your home with a fresh new look. The trim is often painted so it won’t crack or fade even under extreme temperatures.

More efficient dual pane glass windows will also help to block out outside noise keeping your home a lot quieter than with your older windows, this is especially helpful if you live someplace where there is a lot of noise.

The easiest thing to do is to hire Bethesda Window Company to do the job for you. We will help you pick out new windows and install them for you. We know exactly what you need and how to install them. This takes the guess work out of replacing your old windows and ensuring you are getting the best windows to suit your needs.

Who wants to deal with the hassle of replacing your windows on your own? It’s tedious and time-consuming work that is best left to the professionals at Bethesda Window Company.  You will reap the benefits of having new energy efficient windows for your home.